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Roles and responsibilities of a mining engineer

Roles and responsibilities of a mining engineer

Oil and gas are considered the most crucial sector in the world in terms of dollar value. The sector is a global powerhouse that has thousands of workers worldwide. The oil and gas industry’s human resources are the supporting framework for massive revenue generation worldwide.

The career opportunities are enormous in the oil and gas industry across the globe with various designations and responsibilities.

One of the promising career opportunities is for a mining engineer. But one can expect a lot of responsibilities tagged along with the perks provided by the industry.

Before understanding a mining engineer’s roles and responsibilities, let’s see what a mining engineer and the qualifications required to become one is.

Mining engineer & Qualification

A mining engineer is assigned the task of developing and ensuring the safe and efficient usage of equipment and structures used to extract minerals in mines, pits and quarries.

Qualification required to become a mining engineer-

To become a mining engineer, one must have a degree in one of the following majors:

  • civil engineering
  • geology
  • mine and quarry engineering
  • minerals surveying
  • mining and mineral engineering.

Responsibilities of a mining engineer

The responsibilities of a mining engineer typically involve:

  • assessing pros and cons of new mining ventures
  • planning, and designing potential mine sites.
  • Monitoring and evaluating underground performance.
  • Working on significant construction projects and ensuring the smooth running of the operation
  • Liaising with and ensuring progress of tasks assigned to managerial and technical staff.
  • ensuring the overall safety of mining equipment and sites
  • Planning and executing methodologies to ensure the health and safety of the site.
  • providing necessary advice on mining and mineral extraction projects
  • Ensuring the proper tracking and management of monthly budgets with detailed records

Skills required to become a Mining Engineer:

To become a successful mining engineer, the following skills are essential:

  • Working as a team person and having tremendous ability to manage and motivate people.
  • Able to manage projects assigned.
  • analytical problem-solving
  • Better communication and presentation
  • Proper time management, planning, and ability to prioritize the given workload.
  • Appropriate finance and accounting skills
  • specialist software knowledge to be used in projects.

Career opportunities for Mining engineers

Once you attain the necessary knowledge and skills required, you can have various opportunities as a mining engineer.

Most mining engineers get to work in areas such as – mineral, mining consultancy, quarrying, tunnelling, etc.

One can expect an array of opportunities with the core mining industries, environmental consultancies, extraction companies, and manufacturing and construction domains.

Career graph for mining engineers

As a mining engineer, one can expect the following career route with promotions every 2 to 3 years:

  • junior mining engineer
  • mine planning engineer
  • senior mining engineer
  • mine supervisor
  • manager

Generally, you can expect well-structured career development programs with better opportunities and programs with the larger mining companies.

As a mining engineer, you would be required to travel a lot of times. Therefore, one needs to choose wisely for this profile if having family commitments.
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